Irish Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle are considered a heritage breed and were first bred in the southern part of Ireland. They were imported to America in the early 1900s. They do well in all climates, needing only a shelter, grass/hay, and fresh water. They are dual purpose, raised for both milk and beef.

Dexters come in black, red or dun. They are horned or polled. The daily yield of milk is 1-3 gallons per day with butterfat content of 4-5%. Beef animals mature in 18-24 months and dress out at 50-60% of body weight, The meat is high quality and lean with little waste.

Cedar Shade Farm Dexters are registered in the American Dexter Cattle Association and/or the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America.  All of our cattle are registered in Legacy Dexter Cattle Registry  We are also a member of Legacy Dexter Cattle Breeders organization.  This group brings breeders together to preserve rare, old bloodlines that are free from modern upgrading.  We feel it is important to preserve these rare and old bloodlines of the Dexter breed. We embrace the Dexter breed as they originally were.

  Our herd also carries the A2 beta casein protein, a protein found in milk. Milk containing A2 beta casein is considered to have health benefits according to a study by Keith Woodford, a New Zealand professor of Farm Management and Agribusiness.

We have animals that are carriers of the chondrodysplysia gene and some that are non-carriers. All of our herd is PHA free and are horned.

We sell cattle as live animals or they can be purchased as processed beef. Please click here for availability.